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See the difference, be the difference.

We have a brand new name.

Ultrasound Training Solutions is now Zedu.

Our exciting fresh look celebrates our commitment to providing quality, interactive and specialised medical education for health professionals. The idea behind the name is derived from the actions of see then do, as well as incorporating education. Overall, it communicates our passion for education and our focus on inspiring you.

At Zedu, we focus on developing your knowledge, skills and confidence. We empower you to make a real difference.

We provide interactive medical education, specialising in immersive ultrasound skills training for health professionals. We are passionate about inspiring best practice learning that sets the standard, drives better patient care and ultimately improves clinical outcomes. At Zedu, we care about what you want to achieve. We strive to give you an optimum learning outcome to help you thrive and connect with your patients.

Our interactive learning is designed for health professionals by health professionals. We combine the latest technology with real world practical scenarios. Zedu will always use real people for scanning practice. We believe the best way to show the breadth of ultrasound is to apply it on real patients in real situations with our adept guidance.

All our courses are co-designed with clinical experts and continually updated to ensure they are highly relevant, effective and can be easily applied to everyday practice. We support you in a stimulating environment throughout your learning journey. Actively participating at industry conferences and connecting within the online community of international health professionals, sharing international insights and inspiring best practice. Zedu is the only Australian ultrasound education provider who consistently contributes to the FOAM community.

Zedu has created more possibilities to give you more potential. More patients, scanning time, clinically relevant, hands-on, stimulating, variety of patient models, variety of machines and international relationships.

We’re passionate about ultrasound education and strive to give you the best learning experience. We understand you want the optimum outcome for your patients, to give them the best point of care and result in being the difference for them.

Be the difference.