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Established in 1968 by Vito Cassisi. Cassisi Architects is a leading architectural practice with an outstanding professional standing.

The practice has received commissions for a broad range of projects varying through educational, commercial, industrial, sporting, domestic and institutional fields from Government, semi-Government, Municipal and private clients.

The success of the firm has been due largely to the personal involvement of the partners in every project, whether large or small, to ensure that the extensive experience gained from many years is used to its fullest advantage. A director takes charge of each project and is in contact with the client at all stages of the design and construction.

Our practice has a clear understanding of the commercial nature of the industry and we continually strive to produce the most efficient and effective solutions for our clients. We are committed to the development of a wide range of high-quality design projects. We believe that this is achieved through close interaction and consultation with our clients.

The combined skills and enthusiasm of our team provide a standard and quality of service consistent with clients expectations and within project budgets.